Tuesday, March 2, 2010


D view of the station golember( station roundabout). It to me has a very special place in ma heart as i feel it marks the life of this city. Ever so crowded, too much rush, big pics are some its characteristics. the Patna station in d vicinity, Mahavir temple in d facing. It looks as if it has got a plethora of Patna's most identifiable places. at a stone's throw is Dak bunglow chouraha and a new construction coming up near by this round about. A chain of fly overs originating here means it is kind of a life line for Patna. Maharaja Kameshwar Complex is not too far from here. The notorious liquor shop which used to be our booze point and thus got sealed by the custom department is in d next lane to this. Last but not the least a new fly over for which i have been waiting for since last three years is nearing completion. So this was about the famous station golember.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Joy around

It juss somehow retraces my memory to the point d pic was taken.

anyway juss drifting away to something lighter it juss seems like joy has juss dried up from our lives.everything just going haywire. nothing seems to be falling into places. its ma third year and growls of placements have already begun. wen life seemed getting on track a new challenge is dere in d waiting.juss talking generally how many of us get to what we always dreamt of.
get along on to d joy ride. maybe dat will be some kinda respite i guess. am writing coz on dat day i was with someone special and even den i had issues trying to ruin ma life but i had no fear dat day.i was like the most felicitous dat moment. i was in ma own world. and dere seemed to be just joy all around.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grand yamuna bridge

Sailing across d Styx....